We would like to invite you to the UCT paediatric refresher course 2018.

This year we present three overlapping areas of paediatric practice: ambulatory paediatrics, developmental paediatrics, and child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health. Our exceptional overseas speakers and local faculty will cover many areas of interest including common issues such a recurrent pain syndromes, ADHD, child abuse and protection, and cerebral palsy to important speciality areas for the practitioner such as autism, infant and adolescent mental health. We will also address overarching themes such as the care of children with long term conditions in office practice, and interviewing techniques such as motivational interviewing and adherence counselling.

Pre-conference workshops will be offered in some of these areas for delegates who wish to go more deeply into a subject. The UCT Paediatric Refresher Course 2018 will also offer an unrivalled opportunity to catch up and network with colleagues in paediatrics from around South Africa and beyond. We hope that you will join us to contribute to discussion in many areas that challenge the paediatric clinician.

Best Wishes
Prof Petrus de Vries
Dr Kirsty Donald
Dr Mark Richards
Prof Anthony Westwood
Dr Wendy Vogel

2018 UCT Paediatric Refresher Course Committee

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